Monday, September 13, 2010

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) How to prevent the spread?

Now as you all aware, there is epidemic of conjunctivitis and number is increasing day by day as it is highly contagious. Most of them are either viral or bacterial or mixed infections.

What is conjunctivitis?
Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of conjunctiva, clear membrane that covers the white part of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids.

What is infectious conjunctivitis?
Infectious form commonly known as pink eye caused by a contagious virus or bacteria or both.

What are the signs and symptoms of conjunctivitis
Red eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision and sandy or scratchy feeling in the eyes. There may be a puss like or watery discharge around the eyelids. Since infectious conjunctivitis is contagious- 

What measures can be taken to prevent spreading this condition- given below are some do’s and don’ts.

Do’s to prevent spreading this condition
1.Keep your hands away from your eyes

2.Personal belongings to be washed separately with luke-warm water

3.Sunglasses should be used

4.Thoroughly wash your hands before and after eye medication.

5.Eye drops like Tobramycin can be used 5 -6 times daily and chloromycetin eye ointment before going to bed.

6.Employees suffering from conjunctivitis should preferably stay away from work to prevent spreading to others.
7.Attention to ocular hygiene is essential - like cleaning the edges of the infected eyes carefully with luke warm water and gauze or cotton balls to remove the crusts of dried discharge that may cause the eye lids to stick together first thing in the morning.

Don’ts to prevent spreading this condition

1. Those who wear contact lenses- should not use contact lenses till conjunctivitis is cured.

2. Do not use eye drops with out proper prescription – to avoid drops containing steroids which should not be used.

3. Do not share towels, flannels, Pillow cases, cosmetics etc.

4. Children with conjunctivitis should not be sent to school / swimming pool

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