Sunday, February 27, 2011

How to Lighten Dark Lips!!!

Darkening of the lips may occur due to a number of causes. Drinking excessive amounts of tea and coffee is one such cause. Smoking is another big reason for dark lips, in fact they keep worrying a lot and feel conscious about dark lips.

Here are some tips for people with dark lips:

1. Almond oil is known to be effective in reducing staining on the lips and helps to cure discoloration in any part of the body.

2.  A simple method is to use Vaseline, but this is a temporary cure and need to be applied everyday.

3. If you smoke, please stop it, since this will worsen the lip color and your health.

4. Before sleeping massage your lips with 2 drops of a mixture of honey, lime juice and glycerin.

5. Use good quality lipstick, and check for expiry date.

6. Applying ghee is very usefull to bring back the lip color alive.

7.  Lips also turn dark because we do not ex-foliate them. As such new layers of skin start accumulating below the older ones. Since the lips are delicate in nature, we cannot ex-foliate them as we would with other parts of the skin. The right way to exfoliate the lips is to apply a bit of lime juice and allow it to get absorbed.

Eye Care and exercise

Always protect your eyes from hot sun and pollution by wearing sun glasses.

Always wash your eyes with cold water before and after exercise.

 Take a healthy diet which is rich in Vitamin A.
Palming relaxes the eyes; it preserves the eyesight and relaxes the nervous system as well.

Once in a month clean your eyes with few drops of anti bacterial drops.

Close your eyes as tight as possible and squeeze your eyes which help in muscle contraction, hold this for three times and then blink several times.

Position a dot on the wall and look straightly first and then move the eyeballs to the right corner and then to the left corner and blink several times. Repeat this for four times and then place your palms on the eyes and rest.
In clockwise and anticlockwise direction rotate your eyes for proper blood supply and then blink several times, repeat it for five times each side and then close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Sit straight and breathe deeply, move your eyes up as far as possible and down as far as possible and relax your eyes by blinking several times and repeat this for four times.